Contract Publishing

L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd is an integrated media house, founded in 1996 by Ms. Linda Brady Hawke with the launch of the ‘Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist’. 

The organisation’s strong point is its ability to provide a complete service, from conception to completion. Highly qualified management, editorial, design and marketing teams make L.B. Associates (Pvt) Ltd the right partner for the most demanding of publishing projects.

LB Associates employs a team of professionals that has the publishing, marketing and technological know-how required to publish or produce a complete range of products as well as organizing world-class events. 


A variety of organizations are increasingly turning to outside sources to produce their directories and other publications under contract. This growth in contract publishing (known as Custom Publishing in the USA) is simply a realization that outsourcing can make sense from both cost and logistical aspects as an alternative to using internal resources.

The organization’s internal project management resources are freed, and the project is assigned to an outside organization, which has the systems and procedures in place to ensure a quality product, delivered on time, and within budget. This is the growing method of choice for a variety of organizations ranging from corporations and associations to trade blocks, universities, diplomatic missions and other institutions.


We produce custom-made advertising-supported publications for clients on a contract basis.

Existing clients include such organizations as: Diplomatic Missions; Private Corporations; International Trade Blocs; Chambers of Commerce; Export Promotion Bodies; Investment Promotion Agencies, Tourism Promotion Organizations, Airlines, etc.

Most often (but not always) these are financed by advertising and therefore represent no financial burden to the client.


Customer Magazines: Customer magazines are magazines published by companies or organisations for their customers/members. They provide an effective and sophisticated form of marketing communication with millions of readers enjoying well-targeted editorial and responding positively to the ‘soft sell’ that a customer magazine allows. 

Coffee Table Books: We have produced coffee table books for foreign Diplomatic Missions and State Governments of India. These promoted whatever the client wished such as bilateral relations, trade and investment, and tourism. 

Promotional Material: This can range from corporate brochures to magazines. Depending upon the needs of individual clients, they can promote corporate image and services/products, investment and/or tourism potential of countries, states or regions and a range of other items.

Commemorative Publications:  Commemorative Publications are released on historic or auspicious occasions. These could include National Days, State Visits, Important Anniversaries and so on.

Newsletters: Newsletters are valuable tools for conveying the message of the client organisation, whether they are diplomatic missions, other government organisations or corporations. 

Books: While the main focus of the business of L.B. Associates is Contact Publishing, we do publish books – mostly those of first-time authors. Sometimes, to avoid risk, we simply publish the book for the author (who pays us) and turn over the entire print run to him/her for sales and distribution.