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  • UAE

    The Indian-UAE relations are on the upper trajectory as high-level bilateral visits, particularly during the last few years, have ensured that our age-old links are concurrently reinforced, while making it more pragmatic by adapting to the new world realities. The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership signed between UAE and India in January 2017.

  • Indo-Czech Relations

    India's indomitable friendship with the Czech Republic is marked by the gains made in last seven decades in the bilateral relations; fi rst with undivided Czechoslovakia and later after its disintegration when the Czech Republic emerged, the relations have grown with the same warmth.

  • Chile

    Far away in South America,Chile is not just a long and thin land of fertile poetry (Nobel Literature Prizes 1945 and 1971), but one that is also deep and forwardlooking, pulsing with the desire to build ties to the world, contributing value and incorporating what is new. It rises between the Andes Mountains and Pacifi c Ocean, as a country which has learned to being heard in the global society.

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  • Afghanistan 2017
  • Ghana 2017
  • Poland 2017
  • South Africa 2017

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Bavaria is the largest state in the Federal Republic of Germany. Over 12 million people live and work at an area spread over 70,000 square kilometres, divided into seven administrative districts.

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