About Us

The Diplomatist is a monthly magazine focused on international relations and foreign affairs having analytical content published by L.B. Associates – a contract publishing house. The Diplomatist Magazine features views and perspectives from thought leaders and influencers across geographies.

Diplomatist has created a niche where there was none. It is the only comprehensive magazine that brings to fore current domestic and international policy and leadership thoughts driving governance and business houses, not just in India, but the world over. The magazine focusses on international relations, economic trends and offers non- partisan perspective while sharing the diplomatic endeavours that go in its fruition. We publish sectoral and country reports based on business market intelligence.

It is well known in diplomatic and corporate circles. The creation has a reputation for editorial excellence, design talent, cutting edge reporting and integrity, and is known for independent, objective and balanced writing.

This publication also functions as a medium of news dissemination for the diplomatic missions located in New Delhi.

Our readership has increased considerably with the introduction of digital edition of the magazine which is more user-friendly for our esteemed readers. They can now instantly download and access Diplomatist online on their Smartphone, PC, Laptop, i-pad, or other gadgets.