Shri Vishal P Mehta Receives a Special Recognition at 8th India Maritime Awards 2024

by Diplomatist Bureau - 4 July, 2024, 12:00 237 Views 0 Comment

Shri Vishal P Mehta was honoured with a special recognition at the 8th India Maritime Awards 2024, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the maritime industry as the First Shipping Personality. Alongside this accolade, Shri Mehta serves as the Honorary Consul of Djibouti to India, further highlighting his significant role in international relations.

Shri Mehta stated, “This recognition reflects our company’s commitment to global excellence and collaboration at Rushabh Sealink and Logistic Pvt. Ltd., a Pan-India logistics provider with a global presence in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Kenya, Djibouti, UAE, and France.”

Rushabh Sealink and Logistic Pvt. Ltd. stand as a beacon of comprehensive logistics services, both domestically and internationally. The company excels in freight forwarding, sea, road, and rail transport, warehousing, container leasing, and custom clearance, ensuring seamless supply chain solutions for their clients worldwide.

Shri Mehta’s role as the Honorary Consul of Djibouti to India involves fostering robust diplomatic relations between the two nations. He is committed at promoting trade, cultural exchange, and collaborative initiatives, thereby strengthening the bond between Djibouti and India.

Balancing his responsibilities in the global logistics industry with his diplomatic role, Shri Mehta embodies the synergy between business excellence and international diplomacy. His efforts drive growth and mutual benefit for all stakeholders, contributing significantly to both sectors.

Shri Vishal P Mehta’s dual role enables him to leverage his expertise and influence to enhance the global logistics landscape and international relations. His recognition at the India Maritime Awards 2024 underscores his commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, setting a benchmark for future leaders in the industry.


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