ASPA Calls for Robust Consumer Awareness Campaigns to Combat Counterfeiting in Pharma

by Diplomatist Bureau - 7 May, 2024, 12:00 89 Views 0 Comment

The Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA), a proactive advocate in the fight against counterfeiting, spearheads a robust public awareness campaign, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. Recognising the urgent need to address the escalating threat of counterfeit drugs and medical devices, ASPA is leading the charge in educating consumers. Through collaborative efforts, ASPA aims to raise awareness about the grave risks associated with counterfeit products, including potential health hazards, treatment inefficacies, and long-term complications. By leveraging various communication channels, ASPA endeavours to inform consumers about common counterfeiting tactics and empower them to identify and avoid fraudulent products effectively.

ASPA, in its proactive engagement with prominent pharmaceutical stakeholders like Mankind Pharma, is steadfastly addressing the critical issue of counterfeit medications. ASPA is working diligently to confront this pressing challenge through collaborative dialogues and information exchange. ASPA aims to pioneer innovative solutions and strategies to combat counterfeiting effectively by forging strategic partnerships within the pharmaceutical sector. Central to this endeavour is promoting advanced authentication and traceability solutions such as holograms, blockchain technology, and security labels. These cutting-edge technologies empower consumers to verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products swiftly, thereby mitigating the risk of inadvertently purchasing counterfeit medications.

Furthermore, by empowering the public to engage actively in the battle against counterfeiting, ASPA endeavors to establish a safer and more secure pharmaceutical supply chain. To bolster its message, ASPA will host an online webinar titled “PharmaGuard: Navigating Counterfeiting Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain” on May 17. This webinar promises to offer valuable insights into the intricate landscape of combating counterfeiting within the pharmaceutical industry.

“We believe that a multi-faceted approach is essential to combat counterfeiting” said Manoj Kochar, President of ASPA. “By educating consumers about the dangers of counterfeit drugs and medical devices, we can empower them to make informed decisions and avoid falling prey to counterfeit products. We are committed to working with industry stakeholders, policymakers, and consumer advocacy groups to launch a comprehensive public awareness initiative that protects the health and well-being of consumers.”

Counterfeiting is a significant concern in India’s pharmaceutical industry, driven by supply chain issues and demand gaps. Despite being a leading global manufacturer of generic medicines, challenges like limited healthcare access, poor supply chains, and high costs fuel the spread of counterfeit drugs, especially for lifestyle diseases. According to a consumer survey, about 25% of respondents opt for counterfeit pharmaceuticals due to the unavailability of genuine brands and lower prices.

The Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) is the world’s first and only self-regulated non-profit organization that represents the entire physical and digital authentication and traceability solutions industry globally. Founded in 1998, ASPA works towards creating awareness around the importance of physical, digital and physical authentication and traceability solutions for brand, document, and revenue protection as well as consumer empowerment. The organization endeavours to educate stakeholders, including Government authorities, brand owners, industry and consumers, about how the combination of technology solutions ensures the authenticity of various products. While generating greater awareness in companies on how adopting physical and digital authentication and traceability solutions can facilitate brand protection and reduce loss of revenue on this account.


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