BLOOM FRESH Announces a Successful Open Day in India Hosted by Sahyadri Farms

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India represents a crucial region for the table grape breeding giant to provide newer and more innovative table grape varietals as well as expand harvest windows

BLOOM FRESH™ International (BLOOM), the world’s leading premium fruit-breeding company specializing in table grapes, cherries, and raisins, announced its successful first Open Day in India as a new company. The event drew nearly 50 licensed growers and nurseries as well as executives and commercial managers from the BLOOM team. The Open Day was hosted by Sahyadri Farms, India’s largest fruit and vegetable value chain, where BLOOM has several commercial fields for five of its popular table grape varietals.

India is one of the top producers of table grapes and a leading exporter to Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, and the Middle East, among others. As one of the world’s most populous countries, BLOOM has opened new opportunities to supply both domestic and international markets, with currently 80 hectares of their table grapes planted in India.

Additionally, India has enabled BLOOM to fulfill a crucial harvest window between April and June and supply table grape varieties during a period that has traditionally been a challenge in the past in Europe.

“We are very proud to work with Indian growers and introduce our innovative, healthy, and delicious table grape varietals to this market, to cover local production, and open an earlier commercial window in Europe and the United Kingdom,” said Karen Smit-Lotriet, Commercial Lead, BLOOM in India. “There is a big demand in the country to replace the older legacy varieties with new tasty and crunchy table grapes, which are in high demand from all the major global retailers. Approximately 90% of plantings in India are white seedless varieties, which in turn enables BLOOM to offer a myriad of flavors, colors, and tasting sensations to excite consumers throughout the country.”

The Open Day included a tasting of several BLOOM FRESH™ table grape varietals including Ivory™, Timpson™, Allison™, and Timco™ as well as tours of the Sahyadri vineyards.  Afterward, attendees were treated to lectures focusing on innovations in table grape breeding, growing, and licensing techniques.

Paresh Bhayani, director of grape exporter Panacea Energizers, has started testing plantations of five new varieties from BLOOM, including Allison™ and Timco™. “What I have understood after 20 years [in the industry] is that market demand for new varieties is growing more and more. In India, awareness of this demand has increased, and more farmers are interested in them,” he said in a recent interview.

A key aspect in BLOOM’s breeding program is how grower-friendly the new varieties are as growers in India and around the world require highly productive and easy-to-grow cultivars to help them optimize costs and remain profitable.”

“Bloom varieties have shown excellent potential in trial blocks in India. Our growers are very curious and attended the first BLOOM FRESH India Open Day to learn more about how to grow these varieties in India’s subtropical conditions. We have done our first commercial plantation, and we are waiting for the first crop. PC Foods along with our large group of experienced grape growers and agronomists are committed to making this a huge success,” said attendee, Preetam Chandratreya, CEO of PC Foods Private Limited.


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