India-Commonwealth Trade Conference

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The India-Commonwealth Trade Conference, organised by the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO), held on 11th February 2024 at the Eros Hotel in New Delhi, was a significant gathering that showcased the deep-rooted ties between India and the Commonwealth nations. The event also marked the release of the India Commonwealth Coffee Table Book, a publication by Diplomatist in association with IETO, which served as a testament to the longstanding partnership between India and the Commonwealth.

The conference witnessed the participation of dignitaries, including H.E. Mr. Evagoras Vryonides, High Commissioner of Cyprus to India, H.E. Mr. Leonard Mengezi, High Commissioner of Malawi to India, Mr. Thabang Linus Kholumo, Counsellor, High Commission of Lesotho in India, and Third Secretary from the Namibia High Commission, reflecting the global significance of the Commonwealth as a platform for cooperation and collaboration.

H.E. Mr. Evagoras Vryonides, High Commissioner of Cyprus to India, underscored the immense potential of the Commonwealth as a platform for fostering economic growth and development. His remarks highlighted the importance of leveraging the collective strength and resources of Commonwealth nations to drive sustainable progress and prosperity.

Addressing the conference, H.E. Mr. Leonard Mengezi, High Commissioner of Malawi to India, emphasised the urgent agricultural needs in his country and expressed keen interest in leveraging India’s expertise and cooperation in the agriculture sector. His insights underscored the importance of collaboration in addressing critical challenges and promoting agricultural development for mutual benefit.

Mr. Thabang Linus Kholumo, Deputy High Commissioner of Lesotho, highlighted the significant role played by African countries within the Commonwealth and emphasised the abundant potential for collaboration and growth. He provided a vivid depiction of the natural beauty and economic potential of Lesotho, showcasing the opportunities for investment and partnership in various sectors.

Linda Hawke, Publisher of Diplomatist, in her address highlighted the pivotal role played by the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in shaping the Commonwealth and fostering international cooperation. Her remarks underscored the shared values and aspirations that bind the diverse nations within the Commonwealth framework.

Mrs. Sunitee Abbi, representing the Delhi Commonwealth Women Association (DCWA), brought attention to the pivotal role played by the organisation in empowering women within the Commonwealth community. In her address, Mrs. Abbi highlighted the multifaceted initiatives and programs undertaken by the DCWA to promote gender equality, economic empowerment, and social inclusion among women across diverse sectors and communities.

Ambassador VB Soni shared his perspectives on the enduring relationship between India and the Commonwealth, emphasising that India is the fourth largest contributor to the budget for its various programmes and activities. He said, “The institution of Commonwealth may appear to have lost the importance and appeal of the yesteryears. New organisations and groupings are emerging on the world arena, based on the challenges scenario and requirement. Yet, it has not lost its relevance altogether, evident from the role it played in the case of Fiji and Pakistan.”

Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization, delivered the concluding remarks, expressing gratitude to all the speakers and participants for their valuable contributions to the conference. He also took the opportunity to announce the upcoming India-Africa Trade Summit in Kochi, extending an invitation to diplomats and industry leaders to participate in this significant event aimed at fostering trade relations between India and Africa.


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