Emergence of BRICS Plus and its Trajectory

by Diplomatist Bureau - 23 January, 2024, 12:00 1057 Views 0 Comment

After assuming the presidency of the newly revamped BRICS, Russia has begun hectic preparations to hold 200-odd meetings and events, said Mr Roman Babushkin, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Russian Federation in India.  These meetings will be under three baskets—policy and security, economy and culture and humanitarian concerns.
While addressing a Discussion on “Emergence of BRICS Plus and its Trajectory’, organised by the Institute of Social Sciences and People’s Forum for a Multipolar World, Mr Babushkin described BRICS as the ‘unequivocal priority of Russian foreign policy, “stronger than any agreement-based supranational alliance.”
Under its presidency, Moscow will not only “promote the implementation of BRICS’ economic partnership Strategy and Innovation Cooperation action plan, but it will also lay emphasis on human-centric areas like healthcare, digitization, science and technology, AI and food security.
Ambassador Rajiv Bhatia who served as India’s ambassador in Mexico, South Africa and Myanmar said that Moscow under its presidency must pay greater attention to IBSA (India, Brazil, and South Africa) countries, and support India’s bid to host the BRICS secretariat. He said that the expanded BRICS must pay greater attention to Africa. However, he cautioned against the plan for BRICS to launch its own currency. He described it as “unrealistic”.
Dr Ash Narain Roy, director of the Institute of Social Sciences called upon BRICS countries to work in the direction of the future of work, climate justice, and economy for the many and a new social contract to remain relevant. BRICS can become the Global South’s collective waking dream through its bigger ideas, strategies and traction.
Mr. Rakesh Rafeeq, a leading Gandhian thinker raised the issues related to the West’s cultural domination over most of the Global South. Mr. Tarun Kumar Rathee, a young social activist, brought out global issues of agrarian crisis hoping BRICS PLUS  to give voice to the middle and marginal farmers’ interests.


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