Punjab Tourism Shines as Tourism Partner at Diplomatic Nite in New Delhi

by Diplomatist Bureau - 5 December, 2023, 12:00 319 Views 0 Comment

On the glittering night of November 24th, Nagaland House in New Delhi played host to the prestigious Diplomatic Nite, a celebration of culture, diplomacy, and partnerships organised by The Diplomatist Magazine. Among the distinguished partners was Punjab Tourism, gracing the occasion as the official Tourism Partner.

Punjab Tourism’s presence was marked by a thoughtful and engaging contribution – promotional flyers that found their way into the hands of every guest attending the event. The vibrant and informative flyers not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of Punjab but also provided a glimpse into the state’s tourist attractions, enticing attendees to explore the beauty that Punjab has to offer.

Despite the absence of Ms. Rakhee Gupta Bhandari, IAS, Principal Secretary Tourism & Cultural Affairs, Government of Punjab, the presence of two representatives ensured that Punjab’s story was told, and its contribution to the cultural mosaic of India was duly recognised.

The event was a confluence of cultures, with diplomats, government officials, industry leaders and distinguished guests coming together to celebrate the unity in diversity that defines India. Punjab Tourism’s active participation added a unique flavour to the evening, capturing the imagination of attendees and leaving a lasting impression.

In recognition of Punjab Tourism’s noteworthy contributions to the tourism sector, a felicitation shield was presented to the two representatives attending. This gesture served as a token of appreciation for Punjab’s commitment to promoting tourism and cultural exchange.

Punjab’s commitment to cultural diplomacy remains steadfast. The state continues to position itself as a must-visit destination, inviting travellers from across the globe to experience the warmth and hospitality that Punjab is renowned for.


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