Nepal-India Relations Today

by Diplomatist Bureau - 25 July, 2023, 12:00 936 Views 0 Comment

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) in New Delhi had the honour of hosting His Excellency Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, Ambassador of Nepal to India, on 24 th July 2023. The event proved to be a significant occasion for fostering deeper insights into the dynamics of India-Nepal relations.

The interaction commenced with a warm welcome by Mr. Venkat Narayan, President of FCC, who initiated the proceedings and set the stage for the enlightening discussion.

During the event, Ambassador Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma elaborated on various facets of India-Nepal relations, emphasising the longstanding bond of friendship and cooperation between the two nations. He particularly shed light on the historic 1950 India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which has been a cornerstone in defining the bilateral relations.

Both countries were acknowledged to share excellent relations, characterized by strong linguistic, cultural, and people-to-people interactions. Ambassador Dr. Sharma expressed appreciation for the close ties and the shared values that have played a vital role in nurturing the relationship.

However, he also highlighted the need for a more robust mechanism to further strengthen the ties and address any challenges that may arise in the future. The interactive session witnessed engaging discussions as attendees raised questions on various aspects of India-Nepal relations, including challenges faced, the role of China in the region, tourism prospects, and more.

The event concluded on a positive note, with both the FCC and the Ambassador expressing their commitment to enhancing mutual understanding and fostering even closer ties between India and Nepal.

The FCC remains dedicated to providing platforms for such significant dialogues, which contribute to fostering international goodwill and understanding.

About FCC: The Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) is a distinguished association of journalists, diplomats, and media professionals, dedicated to promoting accurate reporting and fostering dialogue on matters of international interest. The FCC serves as a vital hub for exchanging ideas, sharing information, and engaging in discussions on global affairs.


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