H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini, High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Eswatini to India

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Diplomatist: Excellency, India will receive a high-level delegation from Eswatini this month. What is the agenda for the visiting delegation?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: The delegation led by the Minister of economic planning is to participate in the Exim Bank conclave. The delegation will also state the case for business investment in Eswatini by presenting opportunities available.  

Diplomatist: What are the key industries for the Eswatini economy?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: Key industries are agro business, we are exporting sugar, timber and beef to European markets. Of course, manufacturing is another existing major contributing industry as we export lots of products produced from within our borders.  

Diplomatist: Which are the areas where Eswatini and India can mutually work in partnership?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: Indian business people can invest in renewable energy, manufacturing, mining, ICT, Agro-processing and Tourism sector. There are other sectors where collaboration can be explored like aviation and equipment assembly.  

Diplomatist: Could you highlight the investment climate and opportunities in your country for foreign investors?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: Investment opportunities have been alluded above. The investment ambience is one of the greatest as we have many incentives and the ease of doing business is our competitive advantage. Firms are enjoying producing and exporting from Eswatini. New companies are opening and the recent one is from Singapore in cereal production.  

Diplomatist: What steps have been taken to promote Eswatini to the Indian public to familiarize them with the richness of its culture?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: Eswatini is very rich in culture and recently I was with a culture group in India around February 2023 to promote our cultural tourism industry. In this vein, we invite Indians to visit Eswatini to witness one of the richest events in African culture called the Umhlanga Reed dance. 

Diplomatist: How does the world see Eswatini?

H.E. Mr. Menzie Sipho Dlamini: The World sometimes is confused to think Eswatini is a none democratic country as it has a King, not a president. The country as we speak is conducting a registration exercise as it’s due to democratically elect its Parliament and a new government in September. We have been for the past few years a peace full country with humble and loving people who will engulf you with their hospitality. The world sees us as a tiny but rich nation in its culture with our hard work ethics.

I humbly invite our Indian businesses and tourist to visit this mountainous beautiful country neighbouring South Africa and Mozambique.

Kanchi Batra
Kanchi Batra is the Business Editor of The Diplomatist.

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