Vibgyor Marvels Monsoon Convention sets the tone for enhanced trade investment & projects with developing country partners

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The Vibgyor Marvels Monsoon Convention (VMCC) was held on 27th July 2022, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Based on the theme, ‘Diplomacy, Diversity, Development’, the event was anchored by Vibgyor Marvels Private Limited (VMPL) a collaborative consortium platform which brings together exclusive members across public, private, and social sectors with the aim of maximizing value creation by collaboration and complementarity. VMCC brought together members of Vibgyor Marvels (VM) with high level diplomats.


Shri. Dammu Ravi, Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs was present at the VMMC as Guest of Honour. Ambassadors, High Commissioners and senior diplomats from Cote d’Ivoire, Malawi, Bhutan, Lao PDR, Senegal and Zimbabwe participated in the Convention. About 100 members of VM and other organizations, including the CMD of NBCC, Vice Chancellor of Lovely Professional University(LPU), senior officer of PSUs like NTPC, international development agencies like JICA also participated at the event. Heads/CEOs of various companies were also present. Some senior serving and retired officers of GOI watched the proceedings.

Short presentations were made by VM members on subjects in which India has made rapid strides and is keen to share its expertise, experience and know-how with its developing country partners. The diplomats explained the economic, commercial, investment and development priorities of their respective countries and expectations from Indian business persons and investors. The interaction between the senior diplomats and VM members has resulted in greater understanding among members of the type of economic, commercial and social development that the countries hope to achieve with the participation of Indian companies and entities, including in infrastructure and capacity building projects.

Takeaways of the Vibgyor Marvels Monsoon Convention are. (a) continuing dialogues with Partner Countries to discuss requirements and matching them to available solutions in India; (b) the dialogue needs to be supported by a  policy network that may create an enabling environment; (c) finance and availability of credit for business to go forward remains key and we are delighted that Secretary (ER), MEA has promised to look for better solutions going forward; (d) it is the responsibility of Indian Industry and businesses to remain competitive at a global scale where quality and international certifications are a norm; and (e) Vibgyor Marvels remains committed to create platforms and ensuring transparent methods of discussion and exchange of ideas.

The areas of business and specialization among Vibgyor Marvels members comprise varied fields like civil construction, road safety, housing projects, power, dairy industry, agriculture development and capacity training, vocational skills training, manufacture of food items, industrial goods manufacturer, software development, infrastructure and renewable energy projects, engineering and project management consultancy, manufacture of plant nutrient and related products, NGOs, water treatment technology development, chartered accountancy, financial management, legal expertise, and travel and tourism. Vibgyor Marvels is promoted by Rajinder Kumar Gupta, former CMD of WAPCOS and NPCC. He is assisted in VM with over twenty domain experts.

Launched in January 2022, over 110 companies, organizations and experts have joined VM. Further information can be accessed at


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