ASCI unites students from Asian and African regions

by Dr. M Shahid Siddiqui - 1 July, 2022, 12:00 1264 Views 0 Comment

Afro-Asian Students Connection In India” (ASCI) held a graduation ceremony in Delhi on Saturday, June 25, to facilitate African and Asian students passing this year. The “Afro-Asian Students Connection In India” is a newly formed body in India to provide Asian and African students to connect with each other and share their experiences. Founded by students for students in 2022, ASCI aims to promote education and integration among African and Asian Students studying in India. Besides this, the association also works to secure the well-being of all foreign students studying in India.

The event consisted of a Fun Day on the 25th where certificates and momentos were given to the students and the speakers.

In attendance was His Excellency Dr. Daniel Peter Othol, Head of the African Mission in India and Ambassador of South Sudan, Aims Yves Bado, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Burkina Faso, Jean Beptiste Gagre, Counselor, Embassy of Burkina Faso, Hassane Diallo, Counsellor, Embassy of Mali in India. Other dignitaries in attendance were various representatives, sponsors and well-wishers like Galgotia University, Sanskriti University and Match my Uni.

The programme was spearheaded by speeches of encouragement from dignitaries and a few graduating students. A number of students from Yemen performed their country’s traditional dances. The programme was wrapped up by the presentation of certificates to the graduating students and special recognition was given to a few outstanding students and also activists and organisation like asmp who had been supportive to the foreign students.

At the beginning of his speech, His Excellency Dr. Daniel Peter Othol praised ASCI for providing such a platform, which brings the different communities together. In the capacity of Dean of Africa Mission, he asked the passing students to choose the right path and become role models after returning to their country.

When interviewed, the students could not hold back the joy and happiness of what the ASCI – graduation ceremony brought to them as it was already difficult for international students to overcome the pandemic situation, staying away from home and complete their studies. Students hope to one day peacefully co-exist with the community in India, not just as guests in the country but also as global citizens in a rapidly globalising world.

Dr. M Shahid Siddiqui
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