A Taste of the Finest Ethiopian Cuisine

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The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in New Delhi, India hosted an exclusive event celebrating Ethiopian cuisine with renowned Ethiopian chef, Yohanis Gebreyesus, on May 31, 2022, with the theme “A Taste of the Finest Ethiopian Cuisine”.

The event is organized in light of the Africa Month 2022 to celebrate Ethiopia’s thousands of years of traditions and identity in its cuisines and culinary legacy.

H.E. Ambassador Tizita Mulgeta speaks about the unique features of Ethiopia touching upon the history, diversity and rich natural and man-made attractions and how Ethiopian food is interlinked with the culture and tradition of the people. Ambassador Tizita applauded Chef Yohanis for his efforts in promoting the traditional culinary culture of Ethiopia and for preparing and presenting Ethiopian cuisine for the guests. She invited everyone with a warm welcome “We are inviting you today to break bread with us because food enables us to sit around the table and share something healthy”.

Chef Yohannes spoke about food culture, nutrition, the uniqueness of Ethiopian cuisine and how traditions shape culinary practices, “We sit around Injera that allows everyone to have a fair share. Injera has a way to bring us together”, he said.

“We want to show Ethiopian food because in Ethiopia we have different traditions which means we have different taste, different pallets and different ingredients, and we are here to show you what it looks like when all comes together” he added.

In conversations, he spoke about Kupe wot from Gambella, Abish wot from Harar, and many more popular Ethiopian dishes like Zigin wot and Doro wot and talked about the unique Ethiopian recipes, the complex spices as well as the Ethiopian unique ways of food preparations.

Finally, he demonstrated a live cooking of his favourite –  Enfele, a festive dipped leg of mutton in a spicy sauce and cooked on a hot charcoal grill.

More than 40 people from the diplomatic and business community in the food, tourism and hospitality industry who attended the event have tasted the unique and delicious Ethiopian recipes and enjoy the Ethiopian coffee.


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