Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Noida International University

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Interview by Kanchi Batra 

Diplomatist: What are the major targets you have in mind for NIU?

Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: Education is the most important pillar of a nation for its development. We believe in continuous change in the education system to ensure that we are ready to meet the needs of future advancements. It should be a vibrant process that meets the needs of individuals and prepares them for an ever-changing world.

Keeping in view of NEP, we are focusing on:

Skill Development: We believe in thinking about potential options sooner rather than later to utilize the resources effectively at the University and improving the quality parameter of education through internship programs with leading companies to give students practical exposure and hands-on experience and career opportunities. It also results in gained confidence, strengthened time-management, communication skills and relationships building with corporates.

Research and Innovations: Emphasis on research at the wellspring of disciplinary knowledge, advance cutting-edge research and enhance our role as a hub for research of the highest global standard.

We’ll welcome talented researchers regardless of age, gender, nationality to create an environment that brings out the best in research and education. To develop support structures across all areas of research and education at the university, and enhance not only research and teaching facilities, but also library systems, information technology infrastructure, welfare services, and other organizations and facilities that support research and education within the organization. 

Centre of Excellence: We are devising a centre of excellence with a finely-tuned educational system with a motive to deliver education that equips each student with broad outlooks, academic sophistication, language proficiency, and fundamental knowledge in their field of specialization. Continue to monitor the new syllabuses to ensure that they provide the most appropriate intellectual challenge for our students.

International Collaborations: Providing our students with opportunities to engage in the biggest social, economic and environmental questions facing the world through programmes linked to relevant sustainable development goals. We will position our University to continue to thrive in the ever-growing international sector. Our learning is enriched by an internationally and socially diverse population of the world.

Medical and Allied Health Science: We embrace and celebrate differences and act with integrity to benefit society by transforming and enriching lives. Expanding the technology used in diagnostic techniques to produce skilled manpower in the form of trained technicians in different areas of health sciences for better healthcare. We are investing immensely in Allied Health Services for caring for the growing needs of our community, using modern health care practices and the availability of world-class medical health facilities at NIIMS under the aegis of NIU.

Diplomatist: What are the various programmes being offered by the university currently? How are the university’s programmes aligned to the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020?

 Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: We are providing optimal learning environment and support to the Students. NIU offers Medical, Technical, Management, Law, Journalism and Architecture programs with a comprehensive approach that involves an appropriate curriculum, engaging pedagogy, continuous formative assessment, and adequate student support. The curriculum creates interest and is updated regularly to align with the latest knowledge requirements and to meet specified learning outcomes.

High-quality pedagogy being used is successfully imparting the curricular material to students; pedagogical practices determine the learning experiences that are provided directly influencing learning outcomes.

University programs are completely allied with NEP 2020 which envisages the CBCS system, Internationalization of Higher Education, Skilled-based Education, B.Voc courses with the options of multiple exists i.e. certifications diploma and degree in respective areas and Diplomatist: Students’ interaction with the industry as well as companies that recruit is very crucial.

What are the steps being taken by your University in this direction?

Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: We at Noida International University make sure students get an opportunity to learn practically by applying their theoretical knowledge, through working methods, interactions and employment practices. Therefore, industry interaction is regarded as a part of the curriculum because it gives students an insight into the regular, internal workings of a company.

At NIU, we regularly organize industry-institute interaction activities like panels and summits to bring together thinkers, experts and practitioners so that students can massively benefit from intensive mentoring by enthusiastic and highly committed industry professionals. These interactions help to tackle the doubts and concerns that students usually have about the industry. It gives them in-depth knowledge about what they can expect and how they have to groom themselves to achieve success.

Here, at NIU in each semester, multiple activities are conducted for industry exposure such as Industrial visits, Summer & Winter Internships, Live–Projects and practical mentoring which help in building the career of a student, especially those pursuing a professional degree. Furthermore, students are also able to learn about the work environment of companies and feel more confident when it is time for them to appear for campus interviews or otherwise.

Diplomatist: International partnerships between universities are beneficial to all, from the staff and students to the world as a whole. What has been done so far to attract international students?

Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: With the emergence of the “Global Village” concept and increasing emphasis on internalization, it is evident that physical and imaginary boundaries between nations are coming down. The barriers like expensive travel and diversified course structure are now extinct. Today, universities and educational organizations all across the globe have realized that mutual co-orporation and partnership will help them grow and reach a wider audience.

Noida International University (NIU), being one of the largest private universities in Delhi/NCR, realized the importance and benefits of international partnerships and creating an ecosystem that not only welcomes international universities and organizations for collaborations but paves a way for international students to be a part of NIU.

NIU Greater Noida has been proactively working in the direction to give global exposure to more and more international students by creating diverse curriculums and numerous schemes which are relevant to them financially and creatively. Various scholarships schemes are also available for foreign nationals.

Mentioned below are the efforts incorporated by Noida International University to entice international students:

  1. 1.       Referrals: Referrals are an integral part of the international admissions outreach programme. Currently, NIU is home to students from 30+ countries and impressed by the quality of education, they invite other students in search of world-class education to be a part of the NIU family.
  2. Collaborations: With an association of over 28 institutions worldwide, NIU has created an ecosystem for students seeking educational opportunities in India or abroad.
  3. Networking with Embassies: We have collaborated with embassies of various countries to streamline the admission process for international students seeking global exposure.
  4. Diverse Curriculum: Diverse curriculum is one of our USPs that gives international students the freedom of pursuing a course of their choice.
  5. 5.       International Faculty Members: We have a pool of international faculty members from various parts of the world, including Africa which boosts the confidence of students planning to pursue a course from NIU.

Special emphasis is given to the African and SAARC countries due to their important position in India’s external economic policy. NIU is home to hundreds of students hailing from various African countries.

Noida International University aims to become the host for the highest number of international students looking for quality education in India. NIU has also collaborated with over 30 international institutions including New York Institute of Technology-USA, Fort Hays State University-USA, Crimean Business Institute, Crimea, Russian Federation, etc., for the student exchange programmes.

Diplomatist: How would you describe the campus environment of NIU?

Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: Noida International University is a World Class University (UGC recognized) which is strategically located in a sprawling green campus of 75 acres of land at Ultra-Modern Yamuna Express Educational Hub in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Greater Noida, near Buddha F1 International Circuit.

NIU is a young dynamic University, to serve as an apt platform for the dissemination and accomplishment of sustainable ideas and goals. Students from 34 nations around the globe co-exist in an amicable milieu. The focus is to reach out to an international community of students including un/under-privileged nationalities enriching one and all.

More than excelling in the digitization of teaching and learning, the University embraces the ability to constantly innovate novel methodologies to match the transforming world. The focus is not only to avoid any void in learning and education because of the pressing change in situations but to refurbish the prevailing information dissemination strategies for better understanding and reception.

Diplomatist: What is your academic vision for NIU?

Dr. Parsanjeet Kumar: Education with a touch of compassion with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we focus on teaching in small groups and even focus on individuals to bring equality among students. Individual attention helps make them fully challenged and excel in their academic development.

Our profound experienced faculty members have deep experience and we focus more on practical exposure. It helps students generate unique ideas.

We provide professional consultation by team members having experience in top consulting firms so that the students can groom their skill set as per industry standard and we assist at every stage.

As we know the racism continues to play a role in education and society, we seek to engage in honest reflection, and increasingly identify and address policies, practices and behaviours that lead to inequitable outcomes for students who have been historically denied equal opportunities.

Kanchi Batra
Kanchi Batra is the Managing Editor of The Diplomatist.

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