Global Annual Investment Congress & Summit

by Ambassador Sandeep Mehta - 2 November, 2021, 12:00 2744 Views 0 Comment

Discover the new business opportunity for 21st century’s 4.0 Industrial revolution & Post Pandemic economic growth.

Global Economies have realized that post pandemic growth needs more of collaborations and not that of competing. International Diplomatic Mission realizes such importance and arranged its first summit to facilitate platform for global community to enhance economic models.

Global Annual Investment Congress & Summit¬†will take place from 10-11 November 2021 at Dubai Dusit Thani Hotel. It is designed to offer learning and insight as well as discussion with some of the industry’s leading minds.

The event is organised under the Patronage of the Private Office: His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

The aim of International Diplomatic Mission is to increase and improve cross border Trade & Investments between nations, businesses, manufacturers’ & entrepreneurs to adopt to the needs of 21st century and bring in required change in global policy to enhance fourth industrial revolution.¬†Mission emphasis is adaptation of technology and tools to improve life of billions on the planet.

International Diplomatic Mission for the development of Trade and Investment seek to conduct, participate and Arrange Global Business Events to foster enhanced participation of Business Community across the globe. Success of any new organisation is based on the patronage it receives from top bodies of the world. We thank the Patronage of Royal offices, Diplomats, UN agencies, Industrialist & Private Sector Business Leaders of UAE & Global attending such.

Our Structure has global representations from Who’s Who among the industry and such is reason to begin with our Global Annual Investment Congress & Summit is set to happen at a Global Business Hub Dubai. Global Trade is interdependent between producing & consuming nations for all the goods defined in various industrial sectors. These collaborations will benefit & enhance trade, business & Investments. We are sure that not only you will learn, but get to network with top tier leaders.

Ambassador Sandeep Mehta
Author is Secretary General & Chairman - International Diplomatic Mission

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