Dr Vikram Singh, Chancellor, Noida International University

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In our conversation with Dr Vikram Singh, Chancellor at Noida International University, we discussed the top priorities of the University over the next 10 years, his views on the idea behind the establishment of the university, vision, infrastructure, and many other things.

Diplomatist: Tell us something about Noida International University. When was it set up and what’s its vision and mission?

Dr Vikram Singh: Noida International University is a UGC-recognized World-Class University and is sponsored by the Maruti Educational Trust. The campus of Noida International University is strategically located near the Ultra-Modern Yamuna Express Educational Hub in Gautam Budh Nagar, Greater Noida. NIU through its 11 schools is offering more than 150 programs in various streams and offers all of its courses in the undergraduate, postgraduate & doctorate levels. We are having students from 28 nations.

Our vision is to be recognised across the world that we are a university that addresses the needs of society through innovative interdisciplinary research; learning and teaching of the highest quality; and by sharing our knowledge with the world. And the mission is to provide equitable student learning and achievement, academic excellence, and workforce development by delivering high-quality educational programs, support services to our diverse communities, and safety for all the students learning in our institutions.

Diplomatist: What can an inbound student gain from studying here at your University?

Dr Vikram Singh: We at NIU believe in ‘unity in diversity’. Students from across the globe are welcome at NIU which makes Indian students gel-up with the students from abroad, understand their culture and their beliefs, broadening the horizon of their understanding of culture, language, religion and belief. Not only do Indian students take this advantage but students from abroad get a homely welcome from India and get to know how diversified India is as a country.

Apart from this, having well-equipped faculty, the university provides all three categories of courses: undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD under one roof, which sets the programming at NIU apart from other universities.

Diplomatist: What kind of infrastructure can students expect at the University?

Dr Vikram Singh: The infrastructure at NIU is as advanced and equipped as it can get to cater to every stratum of the students. One great example of the same is going digital and how during these tough times. NIU was able to satisfy its students and their parents that the study is not at a loss even while learning digitally.

The university also offers one of the best hostel facilities in Delhi NCR, having banks and ATMs inside the campus along with The students at NIU have access to primary medical facilities. NIU has an eight bedded medical care facility with qualified Doctors 24hrs a day. Our University has the following medical facilities for students and staff. Well Qualified Doctors and Nurses. An OPD functioning from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Along with all these facilities, the campus also provides good food to its students, keeping in check all the health and safety measures, periodic kitchen surveys are done to keep intact the hygiene.

Diplomatist: How do you continue to recruit and retain the very best staff?

Dr Vikram Singh: The management at NIU is very supportive of its staff and their needs and we believe that is the main reason why we have top-class faculty for every course that we offer here. They are experts in what they do and they know how to do it. We hear their needs and get them fulfilled. Be it from creating an online platform where they can interact with students without any hindrance or have the best-equipped classrooms and labs on the campus.

Diplomatist: What are University’s top priorities over the next 10 years?

Dr Vikram Singh: Our mission and the vision with which NIU was established has been our main priority and will continue to be. In the next 10 years, we are planning to be one of the widely present universities offering world-class education for students across the globe.

Diplomatist: What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

Dr Vikram Singh: The factor that keeps us connected with the education sector is the will to always keep doing better for the students, to provide them with the best facilities out there. To build an institution whose only aim is to serve the students with quality education keeping their safety and personal growth intact.

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