5G industry to meet at 5G Techritory forum to discuss the absorption of over 300 billion EUR in available digitization funding

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For the 4th consecutive year, the 5G Techritory forum will meet to bring together the leading 5G decision-makers and practitioners in Europe and beyond. With the newly available European digitalization funds totaling over 300 billion EUR in value, this year the industry will discuss the opportunities for the collective best use of these funds to unblock the real value of 5G. The event will take place on November 22-25, 2021, in a phygital format (physical + digital), in Riga, Latvia.

Over the past year, various funds have been announced with the aim of accelerating the rate of digitalization in Europe. Those include the Recovery and Resilience Fund’s digitalization budget (121B EUR) and the Green Deal (184B EUR) – both of which can be harnessed by the 5G industry. The forum will welcome various representatives from the European Commission, including Roberto Viola, the Director General of DG CONNECT.

“The topic of who will finance 5G technologies has always been relevant, as the technologies often require significant investments in infrastructure. We’re now seeing that Europe is putting a focus on digitalization, and one key aspect of that is 5G. Because participating in tenders requires the collaboration of various organizations, this year the 5G Techritory forum is placing a focus on facilitating that collaboration in order to lay the foundation for the establishment of new R&D consortiums. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – 5G isn’t a single-player game. We have to work together to make the best of it, and 5G Techritory is the best place to be to get in on a slice of the pie.” – Neils Kalnins, Director of 5G Techritory

A new highlight within the forum is the Emporium – a virtual matchmaking and networking platform designed to facilitate the partnership between various ecosystem participants in an R&D capacity. It will bring together household-name companies with tech innovators, universities, and researchers to form the R&D basis for new innovation projects. Companies such as Nokia, NVIDIA, Microsoft, and LMT will be among the participants looking to collaborate towards innovative solutions.

In addition to the topic of funding, the forum will shed light on current best practices by organizations and governments demonstrating excellence in 5G rollout. This will be through World Day, which will showcase trailblazing nations around the world and how they put legislation in place to pave the way for 5G, clever implementations of use cases, successful projects, and the topic of financing. Meanwhile, on Tech Day, over 500 case studies will be demonstrated on how different organizations are using 5G to their advantage to provide real value to their users.

5G Techritory 2021 will repeat its award-winning phygital format with in-person stages and moderators, and with hybrid speaker and attendee participation. The event brings together over 4000 participants and 200+ speakers. It is the only 5G event to bring together all industry stakeholders – from developers and practitioners to network operators and policymakers.

The event is free of charge but requires registration. Pre-registration is now open for interested participants:

Media contact:

Julia Gifford

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About 5G Techritory:

The 5G Techritory Forum is organised by the Electronic Communication Office of Latvia, powered by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, in co-operation with ITU, the International Telecommunication Union. 5G Techritory is backed by LMT as a strategic partner with the participation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia and the Nordic Council of Ministers.


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