Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty, MD & CEO, Iskraemeco India Pvt. Ltd

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Diplomatist: Please tell us about Iskraemeco and particularly India as their new business destination. 

Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty: Iskraemeco, a part of the prestigious Elsewedy Electric, has a legacy of 76 years in smart infrastructure industry with a sound manufacturing set up, a dedicated and richly experienced workforce who bring intelligence into energy, and established presence in Europe.  We offer state-of-art products and solution that has quick adoptability to the emerging needs in the energy sector. The European market looked up to Iskraemeco for customized solution that provided them an edge over their counterparts. Also, Iskraemeco offered sustainable products and solutions as the company believes sustainability is a philosophy that is to be lived and embedded, and not mere procedures to be followed. It was time to go global. India ranks fourth in electricity consumption in the world with a sustained growth in the per capita consumption. To meet the expanding energy demands and make it accessible and reliable to its citizens, the Indian energy sector was adopting smart grid technology. It was the opportune time for Iskraemeco to offer their product to the Indian market. Also, Iskraemeco planned to tap the huge Indian talent pool in design, software, manufacturing etc. and set up a Global Centre of Excellence in India to aid in global expansion.

Diplomatist: How did you get associated with Iskraemeco?

Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty: Iskraemeco provided me an opportunity to shape, lead and transform their business, and I found the opportunity was apt with my age, experience, and eagerness to do something different. Indian Smart Grid industry needed more of collaboration than competition, and our organization believes in that. After visiting the Slovenian set up and meeting the leaders and team, it was an immensely feel-good factor for me. I took up the challenge to contribute in the global vision of Iskraemeco in India.  

Diplomatist: How unique is Iskraemeco product?

Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty: Our smart meters that are compatible with all kinds of communication system and our Head End System is already mapped with many global players, including competition. No one in India can offer this now. We believe, our customer must not become a hostage of their partners. 

Diplomatist: In your opinion, apart from smart grid technology, how do you see Slovenia and India tying up further in other fields? 

Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty: Slovenian and India have a 25year-old diplomatic relationship. In September 2019 Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind met Slovenian President Borut Pahor to further strengthen bilateral cooperation. It was an honour for me to attend that, and I had the opportunity to speak to various business and thought leaders from diversified background.

Beginning with agriculture, especially animal husbandry and farming, the technology and management that Slovenia has implemented is exemplary. Slovenian agri-tech companies have immense technological knowledge which they are using for innovative business models. During my visit to Slovenia, I visited cattle farms and was impressed with their ways of rearing cattle. India, predominantly an agricultural country with various landforms and climate patterns can implement Slovenian technology for effective yield and loss of produce. Bee-keeping in Slovenia is also worth mentioning here. Bee keeping provides honey and honey bees are the best pollination agents for most of the crops resulting in better yield and, Slovenia’s apiculture has been adopted by the USA. Indian bee keeping industry can adopt their practices.

Tourism is another mutual attraction. Slovenia offers a wide variety of landscape. I have visited several countries, but Slovenia always has mesmerized me with its wide variety of landscape. Every three (3) hours you travel, there is a surprise pocketed within – an entirely new topography, culture, food etc. Mountains, sea, lakes, multivarious cuisine, wine, olive oil, music and dance, festivals, literature, film and theatre, museums etc, Slovenia is worth exploring. An Indian traveler cannot ask for more.

One of the oldest civilizations of the world, India is a favorite tourist destination for travelers across the globe. Mountains, hills stations, beaches, golden deserts, forests and wildlife, backwaters, historical monuments and not to forget, pilgrimage destinations are sure to attract Slovenian tourists. Unity in diversity in India is what a Slovenian tourist can get a glimpse of. India is the land of Yoga and Ayurveda which the entire globe is swearing upon now for a holistic living. The practice can be extended to Slovenia and tourism amongst the countries is the best way of warming to each other. 

Diplomatist: How has your Iskraemeco counterpart in Slovenia helped you form the company in India?

Mr. Madan Mohan Chakraborty: I, and the team in India got tremendous support from all departments, as well as from the leadership team. The kind of support I received, it surpassed my expectations. India being culturally quite different from Slovenia, they respected our choice and interest and supported our decision at every step.

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