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Learnings from the High Level EU-India Leaders’ Meeting

India clearly understands that in today’s fragmented world, the power of any aspiring global player depends on the number and quality of its bilateral and multilateral relationships. In this context, the EU may be a valuable ally for India to rely on.

Currently, India’s relationship with the European Union is underutilized and has not reached even half of its full potential. But it is constantly changing and transforming for better. It is important to note that EU also needs a strong partnership with India to meet its leadership objectives of becoming a global actor and tackling climate change.

Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a lot of challenges but also open doors where both India and EU can cooperate. Both the regions aim to boost cooperation to support clean energy transition, resource efficiency and circular economy, and the necessary technological leaps, while opening new business opportunities.

The High Level EU-India Leaders Meeting that was scheduled to be held in Porto, Portugal will now be held virtually on May 08, 2021. The High Level EU-India Leaders’ Meeting in the EU+27 format will be held for the first time. This meeting echoes the mutual ambition of both regions to broaden the strategic partnership.

The Diplomatist is organizing an Expert Webinar on “Evaluating the Strategic Partnership after the Porto Summit” to analyse the outcomes from the the High Level EU-India Leaders’ Meeting.

The Webinar will be held on 11 May 2021, 1400 hrs(IST) and will showcase topics pertaining to Indo-EU cooperation in various sectors.

The virtual event will also discuss ways and means to further develop further cooperation between India and EU member states and will also discuss the major takeaways from the Porto summit between Indian and EU leadership.


  1. H.E. Mr Carlos Pereira Marques, Ambassador of Portugal to India
  2. H.E. Mr. Freddy Svane, Ambassador of Denmark to India
  3. H.E. Ms. Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Ambassador of Finland to India
  4. H.E. Mr Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy to India
  5. H.E. Mr Reuben Gauci, High Commissioner of Malta to India
  6. H.E. Ms. Namrata S. Kumar, Ambassador of India to Slovenia
  7. H.E. Dr Marjan Cencen, Ambassador of Slovenia to India
  8. Ms. Ursa Pondelek – Policy Advisor for International Trade, Renew Europe Group, European Parliament
  9. Amb Dinesh Patnaik, Director-General, ICCR
  10. Mr Soren Gade, Member of European Parliament
  11. Amb Venu Rajamony, Former Ambassador of India to the Netherlands
  12. Ms. Velina Tchakarova, Head, Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy
  13. Dr Veena Ravikumar, Former Senior Faculty Member, University of Delhi
  14. Ms Stefania Benaglia, Associate Researcher, CEPS, Brussels (Chair & Moderator)
  15. Prof. Nidhi Piplani Kapur, Head-Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES), Symbiosis International (Deemed University), India(Chair & Moderator)
  16. Amb Anil Wadhwa, Former Indian Ambassador to Italy & San Marino, Poland & Lithuania (Chair & Moderator)

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