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Inviting Indian Healthcare Technology to Latin America

Located in South America, the country of Ecuador is culturally diverse. The major cities in particular, such as Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil, have fairly good medical care. Ecuador has a few resources to spend on health care but there are definitely some opportunities for the future design of healthcare services in the Ecuadorian context.

H.E. Mr Hector Cueva Jacome, Ambassador of Ecuador in India, in a candid discussion with The Diplomatist elucidates his concern for the over hiked prices of healthcare facilities in his country and other Latin American countries.

Ambassador Jacome is keen to bring Indian technology in the healthcare sector to Ecuador and other Latin American countries. He added by saying that we used to think that technology needs to come from developed countries/regions only like Europe, US, Canada, Japan, etc. But after spending a lot of time researching, visiting hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and many such related states and cities in India, he is confident that India can also provide them affordable, accessible and adaptable technology.

“India possesses great knowledge of providing solutions to healthcare issues. For example, treatment for Hepatitis in Ecuador will cost around USD 60 thousand and in India it is for only USD 4500. The cost of monthly medicines of Hepatitis Prosthetic Cancer in Ecuador costs USD 4500 and here in India it costs USD 900,” said Ambassador Jacome.

The envoy is profoundly concerned about the high treatment cost and even higher medicinal costs in these countries and therefore is encouraging Indian healthcare providers to try and build up a city in Latin America which may cater to the nearest countries so that they don’t have to travel from Latin America to India only in the name of healthcare.

Ambassador Jacome has also participated in the Phase-3 trials of Covaxin.

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