Planning a switch to Organic lifestyle!!

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Looking for organic yet affordable organic produce options to incorporate in your day to day life!!

Founded in 2015 by a veteran media professional Anoop Varma, Everything Organik is a non-commercial venture which aims to facilitate an organic lifestyle across daily essentials and larger consumer categories. Everything Organik’s mission is to offer affordable organic produce, grown fresh on farms, delivering directly to homes in Delhi/NCR. The brand offers certified organic vegetables, fruits, grocery items, dairy, breads, coffee and honey, organically bred free range meats, poultry and seafood. Across time, the brand has also expanded to offer more and more categories to consumers to meet rising demand. It now offers grains, pulses and sugars; a variety of ground flours ranging from amaranth, gluten free, ragi, white and red quinoa, and multigrain among others. It also offers premium A2 milk, a variety of oils, gee, butter and home-made pickles. There is also a range of ready to eat products as well as breads. The brand also brings in filter coffee in medium and dark blends.

Everything Organik gets its produce from every part of the country, covering states of Maharashtra, UP, MP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Tamil Nadu. Everything Organik’s farmer consortium has over 18,000-20,000 farmers for grocery, spices, oils, etc. and an additional 5000 for fruits and Vegetables across India.

The brand was incepted to meet the need gap for affordable organic produce in the country. Visits to farmers who grew organic produce also showed the lack of knowledge in terms of certifications, processes and viable markets. Everything Organik addresses these concerns of farmers by aiding them in gaining these certifications (which is done by a government aided agency called APEDA, Indocert, India Org), helping them access new markets as well as logistical processes like soil, water and product testing. The brand has also empanelled retired professors from various universities, with intricate knowledge of agriculture, soil and water chemistry among other things to educate farmers to grow better produce.

The quality of produce comes from the nuances of the growing techniques and sourcing, as much as it does from organic processes. The aim in Anoop’s own words is to offer ‘products with a longer shelf life’ as well as a majority of nutrients intact. Traditional processes are used in extraction of produce to ensure this. The honey, for instance, is taken from forest grown bees, without destroying their hives. The Tulsi honey is cultivated by allowing hundreds of wild Tulsi shrubs to grow near the hives for the most natural taste. Cold pressed oils are extracted using a pinewood cone head on the machine to prevent contamination and keeping the aroma, taste and purity intact. Similarly, the flours are hand-ground, for best results.

The current organic and natural product range includes:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Grocery items and Spices
  3. A2 Cow Milk, A2 Cow Ghee and other milk products
  4. Poultry and free range eggs
  5. Cold Pressed Oils
  6. Honey
  7. Coorg Filter Coffee (Beans and Powder)
  8. Ready to eat items (Sausages, Marinated Meats, Burger Patty)


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