Global COVID Pandemic: WHO is Responsible?

by Sourabh Jyoti Sharma - 4 May, 2020, 12:00 2954 Views 0 Comment

“News resources indicate that at least seven atypical pneumonia cases were reported in Wuhan, China…I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us.”Taiwan Government’s e-mail to the WHO on 31st December, 2019. [released on 17.04.2020]

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”– Tweet from WHO’s Official Twitter handle (@WHO) on 14th January, 2020.

“The (nCoV) [global] outbreak could have been contained at its source if the organisation (WHO) had correctly responded early on. The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable. WHO is China-centric…WHO is acting as a PR agency for China……US will halt its funding…….” Donald Trump, US President in his press conferences.

As almost the whole world is reeling under the Covid led pandemic killing over 0.2 million people globally with catastrophic humanitarian cum economic fallout – the functioning of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has come under serious scrutiny. So, now the whole world is asking – is it WHO that is responsible for this China origin virus led global outbreak? To answer it, ‘WHO-China’ nexus must be studied as the root cause of the current pandemic.

Dr Ai Fen from Wuhan, China first blew the lid on this novel coronavirus or nCoV or Covid in November 2019, when about seven people were hospitalised on account of an ‘atypical pneumonia’ like a disease. Dr Fen shared it over WeChat (a Chinese social media platform) and Dr Li Wenliang informed the world about this peculiar virus via an interview to The New York Times on 30th December 2020. Following which, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) run China informed WHO, albeit reluctantly, that too with half-truths!

Xi Jinping, self-appointed President of Communist China for life, and the CCP was furious over this event that blew their cover-up and consequently, both Dr Fen and Dr Li went incommunicado. Later, Dr Li was told of dying from being “infected by the nCoV” but the fate of Dr Fen is still unknown. As mentioned above, the Taiwanese government also alerted WHO about nCoV on 31st December 2019. But quite surprisingly, WHO informed the world much later on 14th January 2020 that too, laced with China fed big-lie that there is “no clear evidence” of this nCoV being capable of ‘human to human transmission’. But why WHO was deliberately dishing out falsehood on Covid to fool the world? As already WHO knew that both SARS & MERS virus, though less lethal than nCoV, were capable of ‘human to human transmission’? If China did Covid cover-up, WHO was helping in the cover-up of China and why?

Naturally, questions are being asked by the non-CCP influenced global media and intelligentsia as to why Red China wanted to red flag facts on nCoV originating from its Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)? Quite interestingly, India’s eminent geo-strategist Brahma Chellaney shared a screen-shot of a Tweet by China Daily (@ChinaDaily) dated 29th May 2018 ‘boasting’ on the WIV having “Asia’s largest virus bank that preserves more than 1,500 different strains of the virus.” Later, the Tweet was deleted. Why? Also, CCP purged and punished those comrades who were critical of President Xi’s handling of the nCoV crisis. Not just that, Ren Zhiqiang, the Chinese real-estate tycoon who severely criticised President Xi for censoring facts on ‘Wuhan virus’ with epithets like ‘naked emperor, power-hungry clown, etc.’ was found “missing”, as reported by The New York Times on 14th March 2020. Ma Jian, London based CCP dissident, in an opinion piece for The Guardian on 26th February 2020, also singled out President Xi led Red China for ‘burying the truth about coronavirus’, which he said, ‘revealed the unreconstructed despotism of the Chinese State.’

Not just that, post the Wuhan lockdown on 23rd January 2020 – surprisingly that too, on just two days before the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year, marked with massive mass travels by its citizens inside and outside of China, Chinese officials slammed travel bans put by countries like India, US, etc. on all foreign flights, except for the entry of its citizens, by early February 2020 as ‘contradicting WHO’s appeal to avoid travel bans’. But why WHO, on behalf of China, appealed for unhindered global travel from China in spite of being fully aware that thousands of deaths already being (mis) reported by China in Wuhan from nCoV, which again couldn’t have been possible if Covid wasn’t ‘human to human’ transmissible? President Trump was called as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’ etc by the CCP mouthpiece Global Times for putting travel restrictions, which was later relaxed following WHO’s (wrong) global travel advisory for which together with Italy, Spain, UK, etc. – the US today is worst affected from the ‘Made-in-China’ virus.

So, it is now clearly self-evident that CCP controlled Red China already knew that not only was nCoV being ‘human to human transmissible’ but also it knew that unlike SARS or MERS, this transmission capability of the new virus was far more. Then, why did Red China lie to WHO? And again, why WHO deliberately chose to hide Taiwan’s timely alert on Covid, only because Taipei is not a recognised member of WHO? Above all, being the apex global health watchdog, why WHO, instead of investigating on its own, for which it is wholly capable of, readily accepted the ‘Chinese versions’ or ‘true-lies’ on nCoV? So, why is WHO, being funded by the UN member States, is so much ‘China-centric’ or becoming what Japan’s Deputy-PM Taro Aso aptly called as the CHO – ‘Chinese Health Organisation’?

To answer it, let’s analyse Red China’s covert acts aimed at indirectly or proxy-controlling important UN bodies like the UN Security Council (UNSC), Human Rights Council, WHO, etc. Let’s take the example of WHO. China lobbied and ensured its citizen Dr Margaret Chan getting elected as the Director-General (DG) of WHO from 2006-’17. Dr Chan’s tenure was racked with controversies like ‘overblowing’ on H1N1 Swine flu in 2009 and ‘mishandling’ of the Ebola virus crisis in 2014-15 etc. Likewise, China also helped in electing the current DG of WHO – Dr Tedros A Ghebreyesus, an ex-Ethiopian Health and Foreign minister between 2009-2016. Dr Tedros, WHO’s first non-physician DG, was accused of rampant corruption and fudging facts on the Cholera epidemics in Ethiopia. As its foreign minister, he literally transformed Addis Ababa as ‘mini-China’ only to be exploited by Beijing via its ‘debt-trap diplomacy’. So, the ‘WHO-China’ covert nexus is overt now. Dr Tedros now said ‘sorry’ for the Covid’s deliberate faux pas but that late apology is of no value as the loss of millions of human lives, great damages done to the world economy, etc. can’t be reversed. Today, the whole world is up-against ‘WHO-China’ axis. If China didn’t hide anything, why it is against an independent inquiry of the ‘Wuhan virus’?

So, where’s the remedy? The actionable solution lies, as told by resilient India’s globally applauded PM Narendra Modi while addressing a ‘virtual meeting’ of G-20 countries recently – in holistic and realistic restructuring cum democratisation of the UN organs like UNSC, WHO, etc. for ensuring both transparency and accountability of their functioning.

Until this, the whole democratic world must take a call for actions in the post-Covid global order. Lest, ‘lab-created-man made’ pandemic like Covid as ‘bio-weapon’ will again be ‘locked and downed’ the whole world, stopping the onward march of the human civilisation!

Sourabh Jyoti Sharma
Author is Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Gauhati University, D.K. College, Guwahati. He is a columnist with a focus on emerging issues of global politics with an Indo-centric viewpoint.

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