COVID-19: Empowering India by Empowering Farmers

by Rajiv Wahi - 9 April, 2020, 12:00 3473 Views 0 Comment

The world is witnessing an unprecedented crisis. A situation no visionary had ever foreseen. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected almost the entire planet. Small and big businesses, large economies and the lifestyle of common people have all been altered. Who would have ever thought of staying away from each other will be the only way to survive? Times are changing for all us and all need to make adjustments to survive.    

My heart goes out to all the people infected from the pandemic and wishes them and their families a healthy recovery. Our salute goes out to people tirelessly engaged in professions like medical, sanitation, police, government officers and essential services. Often these are neglected sectors we do not focus on. Now our survival depends on their hard and selfless work.  With the number of casualties on the rise and everyone advised to stay at home, these are the brave hearts who are still working to stir the world back to normal.  

Among these brave hearts is another hero too who is often overlooked – Our Farmers. Amidst all the chaos, they are still in the fields fuelling our economy with food. While we are struggling to find our new routines, they are busy ensuring that every home is served with food. Their commitment towards adequate food production during this crisis is exceptional and commendable. While the economy is facing a severe backlash with no business activity and limited supply chain, it is the farmers who are taking a massive risk to ensure the nation a safe harvest.

For the ones who are ensuring our survival, it is our duty to safeguard them from the economic adversities that follow. I request the concerned authorities and people to take the necessary steps to keep them going through these tough times. Some of the measures could include buying the yield at a fair price, providing grants to the farmers, extending a helping hand to support their families, to name a few.

The Escorts team is also committed to helping them in every way possible. Our representatives are working from home and are available on phone and digital platforms to extend our full support. It is a matter of pride for us that Escorts Agri-Machinery is the Farmer ally in this war-against-Corona.

Let’s fight the battle against COVID-19 together and empower the ones empowering the nation. I am sure that we will come out stronger. Till then, stay home, stay safe and keep supporting.

Rajiv Wahi
Author is Chief Executive - International Business, Escorts Agri Machinery

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Deep thoughts so well pointed out to all the lucky ones who have food on their plates always.. hopefully the world will become more humble post covid 19 and the farming community will rise … Thank you sir for posting such a well thought out concern

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