“International community has no other choice than to stick together,” says Tunisian Ambassador to India

by H.E. Mr. Nejmeddine Lakhal - 2 April, 2020, 12:00 2770 Views 0 Comment

International solidarity for “before and after corona”

It’s over a week since the Government of the Republic of Tunisia imposed a complete lockdown all over Tunisia to protect the people in the country from the deadly Coronavirus. A devastating contamination, which took the world completely by surprise.

A similar ruling has been taken around the globe, including in India, to protect people from an unexpected deadly phenomenal, not worse than terrorism that is threatening every country and lives on this planet.

To confront efficiently and successfully such a horrific threat, the international community has no other choice than to stick together and cement, like never before, international solidarity. It’s more than evident that only through strongly assisting others, that skilled, and rich countries can proficiently tackle the virus in the long run. Today no country, wherever its power is, is immune from the virus that crosses brothers just like in cyberspace.

In a world of globalization, national security became borderless in some sense. Today, it is wise to admit that security somewhere is security everywhere, and insecurity somewhere is also insecurity everywhere. Moreover, such security goes beyond the current effects of the Corona pandemic on lives. Further to fighting, side-by-side, till the end of the virus, the international community should make sure to keep strong international solidarity to meet the challenges of the after Coronavirus. 

The economic price will be very high and damaging for everyone, and in particular, for the vulnerable countries. Immediate debt relief, grants and advantageous credits are among the most urgent measures enabling countries in need to concentrate any new resources on fighting the pandemic and its economic and social consequences. Thus, be able to meet “the after Coronavirus” implications, and well-armed and skilled to confront an eventual similar situation in the future.

There is no doubt that there will a lot of thinking about “the before and the after” Coronavirus. But what is urgently needed at this time is a set of strong and concrete action speeding the unleash of a universal coordinate battle to counter a perilous global threat, and tackle its long-term consequences.

H.E. Mr. Nejmeddine Lakhal
Author is Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the Republic of India

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