Flying around the world in search of Czech footprints


Flying around the world in search of Czech footprints

Diplomatist had the pleasure of meeting with Czech pilot Roman Kramarik for a discussion at the Czech Embassy in New Delhi. The press conference came in the backdrop of his arrival in New Delhi after flying through Pakistan.

Czech Pilot Roman Kramarik is on a quest to explore Czech footprints around the world. Having flown in his private charter from Prague to Delhi via a list of nations including Israel and Pakistan, Kramarik held a press conference at the Czech Embassy in New Delhi, entertaining questions and explaining the purpose of his flight. He spoke of the surprising Czech footprints he encountered across India, and highlighted the role of Bata in Indian society, a brand that has become a household name in India, so much so that several Indians assume Bata to be an Indian company. Interestingly, he remarked that his stopover in New Delhi marked the first destination in his flight so far where he felt free to discuss the details of his journey. Having flown via Israel, he was naturally not permitted to enter Pakistan with the same identification. After flying further east, Kramarik will return to Prague on September 18th.

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