• Israel and India celebrating 'Silver Jubilee'

    Global Centre Stage

    The year 2017 marks the silver jubilee (25 years) of diplomatic relationship between India and Israel. On January 29, 1992, foreign ministers from Israel and India signed an agreement establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. Since India normalized relations with Israel in 1992, the partnership has developed steadily and the relationship now enjoys "high visibility". […]

  • The Beginning of an Indian-African Century

    Africa Diary

    From 9 to 10 March, high-level delegations from Africa visited the Indian capital to participate in the India-Africa conclave on project partnership to strengthen business ties and identify new areas for cooperation. […]

  • Morocco's return to African Union

    Africa Diary

    Morocco's return to African Union opens up new Opportunities for Trade and Investments - African Union (AU) last month re-admitted Morocco into its fold. It will be recalled that Morocco was the only African country that was not part of AU. It had chosen to withdraw from the pan-African body in 1984 after the latter had recognised the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as a full member. […]

  • GST, Digital Economy and Demonetisation

    Cover Story

    After the victory in the recent Assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Spokesperson on Economic Affairs Gopal Krishna Agarwal, speaks to the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist Editor-at-Large Alankar Srivastava on demonetisation, jobs, agricultural reforms, banking sector, and much more. Excerpts... […]



    H.E. Dr Negeri Lencho, Minister of Communication Affairs of Ethiopia, speaks to Diplomatist Editor Martin Healey, and shares his thoughts on the relationship between the two countries. Excerpts... […]

  • US-Japan: Unfolding a New Chapter in Bilateral Relations

    Cover Story

    The success of the two leaders' meeting brought great relief to the Japanese people, after President Trump's statements about US relations with Japan - during the campaign and even after being elected President - raised concerns about President Trump reconsidering the alliance in favour of short-term national interests. […]

  • Canada's Relations with the US under Trump-Trudeau

    Cover Story

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left Washington in February 2017 after half day of meetings with President Donald Trump with the only souvenir that counted: Trump’s clear signal that Canada is not in his crosshairs on trade or border security, despite stark differences. Trump told a nationally televised news conference that he regarded America’s northern neighbour as a trusted and valued ally on trade, economic and military matters. Canadians breathed a collective sigh of relief. […]

  • India – Eyeing the Great Power Status

    Cover Story

    Steps taken by India in the past few decades have shown the ambition India has to achieve the status of global power. Regionally, India has proven itself as a key economic and strategic player, yet a global status is the goal Indian leaders have been eyeing for recent years. […]

  • Photographing the Past

    Cultural Diplomacy

    “I was even told that companies do so much in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but never for heritage. My answer was, why CSR? Where is our ISR (Individual Social Responsibility)? Why do we expect a few hundred people sitting inside a circular building to care for these dead structures, when more than 100 crore sitting outside and living around these do not?” […]

  • Getting Ready for a Trump Presidency


    Only about six weeks remain for the November presidential elections, the days of Hillary Clinton’s lead in the polls reaching double figures is far behind. Her rival Donald Trump is not only catching up but threatening to leave her behind. Trump’s phalanx of the white American middle class is solidly behind him. Regardless of what the opponents have to say about him, or the charges they throw his way, his hold on his supporters is unshakeable. […]

  • 'India can Become a True Superpower'


    Klas Eklund, the eminent economist from Sweden, talks to Diplomatist Editor-at-large Alankar Srivastava on sustainable growth, Paris Agreement and global economy post-Brexit. Excerpts […]

  • Russia and Africa Engagement, Challenges and New Beginnings

    Africa Diary

    Both Russia and Africa have a common interest in the formation of the just and democratic world order, based on collective approach to the resolution of international problems and the superiority of international law. They reject the unipolar model, the attempts of one country or a limited number of countries to impose their will on the rest of the world. […]

  • First Coastal Industrial Corridor Devil Lies in Implementation


    Indian trade is set to get a boost with the development of 2500 KM East Coast Economic Corridor. The proposed corridor is planned to span entire coastline from Kolkata to the southern tip of India and the state of Tamil Nadu. The corridor will facilitate efficient movement of goods across the east coast in addition to providing more trade and shipping options for the highly industrialised Northern. The corridor will also provide a fillip to trade involving Central parts of the country. […]

  • Malaysia's Forgotten Arks Of Biodiversity


    It is not uncommon for one to have phrase“Malaysia, Truly Asia” sung to you in response to your answer that Malaysia is your country of origin while traveling abroad. The catchy sing-a-long phrase was coined and composed by the Malaysian Tourism Board in 1999. And by the looks of it, the campaign has successfully caught on with travellers around the world. […]

  • SAARC and Geopolitical Elements at Play


    In the post-Cold War era, regionalism and multilateral institutions have opened doors for possibilities and the importance of regional cooperation. Nations across the globe have realised that keeping the doors open is the way to stability and economic prosperity. […]

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