• Australia Elections 2016 The Second Innings


    Australia, known for its healthy and matured democratic tradition, has come out of a tough session after the recently concluded double dissolution elections with the incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing that his conservative coalition government was re-elected for a second three-year term. […]

  • Brexit and The Global Economy Now and Later

    Cover Story

    Brexit means Brexit! Which means...? It would be a brave person to try to predict what will happen after the referendum vote for Britain to leave the EU. One prime minister has fallen, another arisen: the opposition is in turmoil. The new government has yet to say what its vision of Brexit actually means. Things will become clearer in the following months we hope. However, it is worth thinking what the key issues are likely to be and how they will affect the UK and the world. […]

  • British PM Theresa May Redefining Global Leadership

    Cover Story

    It is a historic moment for Britain, which presents an opportunity for course correction. British PM Theresa May should set the priorities right, and refocus politics on those people who feel left behind by society. It is worth mentioning that the Brexit vote is a wake-up call for governments across the world. […]

  • Brexit Spillovers Alarm Bells for Eurozone?

    Cover Story

    "There will have to be compromise in these negotiations but if forced to choose between prosperity and free movement, it is difficult to see how Theresa May can satisfy all domestic constituencies. Remember, she has inherited Cameron’s small majority of just 12 in a Parliament overwhelmingly in favour of Remain. This will not be an easy deal to agree - in Brussels or Westminster." […]

  • Brexit Means Brexit

    Cover Story

    Britain is a truly great country, thriving and prospering on the world stage. UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, of NATO, of the G7, the G20 and the Commonwealth. Its voice is prominent on the world stage. […]

  • #Trump, #Brexit and India

    Cover Story

    Following the recent Brexit vote and continued convulsions in Britain and Europe and, separately, in the United States, it has become fashionable to talk about de-globalisation. In the US, as in Europe, unresolved economic concerns following the financial crisis of 2008 have been complemented by fears about Islamist terrorism and migration from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other conflict zones. These have combined to create a backlash against easier movement of goods, services and people. […]

  • India and Bangladesh: The Potential of Bilateral, Sub-Regional and Regional Cooperation


    In recent days, it has been reported that the new UK Prime Minister Theresa May had a working lunch with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin and an informal dinner with French President Franscois Hollande in Paris. I hope days will not be far when Indian Prime Minister may follow a work programme in the morning in New Delhi, Dhaka in the afternoon and Lahore in the evening as that of the British Prime Minister. […]

  • Dealing with Terrorism Disproportionality Factor


    In taped interviews to an Afghan interrogator, two Afghans and three Pakistanis who were among 21 people arrested earlier in 2006 described their roles in the attacks, which killed at least 70 people, most of them Afghan civilians but also international peacekeepers, a Canadian diplomat and a dozen Afghan police officers and soldiers. In the tape, the men described a fairly low-budget network that begins with the recruitment of young bombers in the sprawling Pakistani port city of Karachi. The bombers are moved to safe houses in the border towns of Quetta and Chaman, and then transferred into Afghanistan, where they are provided with cars and explosives and sent out to find a target. […]

  • India on the Move


    With efficient use of natural and human resources at its disposal, doing away with unnecessary controls and restrictions, removing corruption and red tape, better style of governance and sustenance of such factors, India’s success is certain. In a country with vast demographics and diversity, the requirement is that of a holistic approach that utilises all available potential with an aim to improve life of a common citizen. […]

  • NATO Warsaw Summit: Deterrence and Defence in Europe and Middle East


    As the process of the US presidential election in 2016 becomes finalised and on the conclusion of NATO’s forthcoming summit in the Polish capital, Warsaw (July 8-9, 2016), NATO’s approach is shifting from assuring its partners with regard to Russia to deterrence-like moves in the face of this actor. Based on the cycle of about four decades of developments in NATO-Iran relations, and due to new strategic turn in NATO’s international approach, Iran's position and its geopolitics are now in focus of attention and are becoming more important to the Western front in its effort to conquer new regions by expanding eastward and finally disintegrate Russia. […]

  • The Normalisation of US-Cuba Relations: Immigration policies Reform amidst Changing Ties


    On June 8, United States Coast Guard official Charles David Jr. repatriated 34 Cuban immigrants back to Cuba.1 This incident recapitulates the recent increase in Cuban immigration to the United States. At the root of this increase lie President Obama’s recent attempts to normalise US relations with Cuba. Fundamentally, the first steps of normalisation have led to more lenient laws regarding US citizens’ travel to Cuba. As this increase of Cubans continues to draw more attention, the US government must reconsider its inherently unfair policy toward Cuban immigration. […]

  • India-Ethiopia Cooperation in Education Old Ties, New Prospects

    Africa Diary

    India-Ethiopia relations are often regarded to be an exemplary partnership between India and any African country. Cooperation between the two countries in the field of education can be described as a special theme that has both practical and emotional aspects. From the late 1960s and to early 1970s thousands of Indian teachers, mostly from Kerala, went to Ethiopia under request of the Emperor Haile Selassie to teach the local population in the remotest parts of the country. Even the private secretary and advisor of Haile Selassie, who assisted him in developing the educational system of the country, one of the most underdeveloped in Africa at the time, was Indian. […]

  • AIIB: Taking Everyone Along?

    Economic Diplomacy

    Apparently, the supply of infrastructure finance globally is short of the ever-increasing demand. This trend has been observed for so many years in the past all over the world across different sectors. Given severe infrastructure bottlenecks particularly physical infrastructure in the emerging and developing economies, financing requirements is expected to climb up in the future. However, the demand-supply mismatch in infrastructure finance should not be interpreted as a cause of low global savings even though some countries suffer from perennially low rate of savings. It is actually due to flaws in mobilisation of resources by the multilateral development banks, regional development finance institutions and special infrastructure funds for the investible pool. […]

  • Rebuilding Afghanistan Moving Away from Aid towards Investment


    Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) organised a conference, exhibition and B2Bs on ‘Made in Afghanistan’ in collaboration with the Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project (ATAR) of USAID, Afghanistan and UN Women in coordination with Economic Section, Afghan Embassy in India under the auspices of Trade, Commerce & Investment-Confidence Building Measures of the ‘Heart of Asia’ Process for Rebuilding Afghanistan at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi. […]

  • An Indian in Switzerland: The oldest Indian-origin inhabitant of Switzerland shares his Experience

    National Day Special

    I am glad to put forward my experiences as one of the oldest inhabitants from India in Bern. I have completed 54 years in Switzerland. I came to Bern on 20th October, 1962, on an offer from the then Radio-Swiss Ltd (Telekommunikation und Flugsicherung). My job in Switzerland was unexpected and I never even dreamt that I would be travelling abroad. Having worked in Overseas Communications Service in Bombay and Calcutta, I got this offer through a friend who was working for Radio Swiss in Bern. […]

  • India at the Global High Table

    Book Review

    India at the Global High Table is an insightful analysis of how India is managing its evolving role. Former US ambassadors to countries in South Asia, Teresita Schaffer and Howard Schaffer shed light on the country’s strategic vision and foreign policy, and the negotiating behaviour that links the two. […]

  • 'Indians Love Korean Food'

    Cultural Diplomacy

    Looking at the fast spreading Korean food fever, Korean Culture Centre in India (KCCI) organised ‘International Culinary Workshop’. The classes were hosted at Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BCIHMCT), New Delhi from June 29-July 31, 2016 by Korean cuisine expert ImChaehong. He is one of the chef lecturers in Jeonju University, Creative Culinary Institute of Korea. Participants enjoyed healthiest Korean food such as seaweed chips, kimchi stew, fried chicken, spicy stir–fried chicken, kimchi pan cake, glass noodles with sauteed vegetables and seafood, mung bean jelly with vegetables, persimmon rice cakes, gineng preserved in honey, cucumber kimchi, etc at KCCI. […]

  • World Photography Day Capturing a Slice of Life

    Cultural Diplomacy

    Artists are inspired by the world around us and try to recreate the magic in it; sculptors immortalise people with statues, photographers capture slices of life pictures, and painters record events in their masterpieces. […]

  • Remembering SH Raza The Artist

    Cultural Diplomacy

    SH Raza (22 Feb 1922 – 23 July 2016) formed his own text for modernism creating a large repertoire of symbols, colour tonalities, extended spaces and a unique vocabulary by incorporating international sensibilities. […]

  • Malaysia and the ASEAN: Engagement and Contribution


    As ASEAN grows and attracts trade and investment from the rest of the world, there will also be enhanced intra-ASEAN flows in trade and investment, with Malaysia being the focal point for these transactions. […]

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