• Iran & Turkey Expansion of Strategic Relations a Necessity

    Global Centre Stage

    There are vast trade exchanges between Iran and Turkey and due to mutual dependence between the two countries, both of them try to resolve any tension that may come about in their relations. This is why, at the height of regional crises and despite opposition from Turkey’s biggest regional ally, Saudi Arabia, the country’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has paid an official visit to Iran. […]

  • Russia A New Strategic Partner for ASEAN?

    Global Centre Stage

    Russia recently proposed the negotiation of a free trade agreement between ASEAN and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). In 2015, Vietnam became the first ASEAN member to sign a free trade agreement with EAEU, and Thailand is keen to follow suit. […]

  • Canada is 'Making in India'

    Cover Story

    In an exclusive interview with Diplomatist Editor-at-Large Alankar Srivastava, H.E. Nadir Patel, High Commissioner of Canada to India, talks at length about various aspects of the bilateral relationship, the role of Indian diaspora and much more. Excerpts... […]

  • India-EU Strategic Partnership Challenges and Prospects

    Cover Story

    The EU is gradually acquiring a strategic profile, which would accord it greater thrust to fulfil its aspirations for a larger role in global affairs. However, some questions do arise. Does India perceive EU to be an emerging security actor than merely as an economic entity? Will EU raise its arms beyond its institutional framework to rise as a global security actor? Will it surpass the US supremacy in the Asian Century? […]

  • US & Russia The Roadmap for Syria


    When it comes to regional and international measures, Russia always considers its motivations and goals at a number of various levels. The domestic level is related to domestic affairs of Russia, while the regional level depends on the subject and the international level is basically about rivalry with the United States. […]

  • India a Manufacturing Hub?

    Economic Diplomacy

    The Narendra Modi government has worked towards improving the ease of doing business in India, while pushing for aggressive resource expansion within the manufacturing sector. This is best evidenced by the Make in India program. Being part of this fourth Industrial Revolution seems right for India as it increases its share in the global manufacturing production pie. […]

  • British Tata Steel Collapse - What Happened?

    Economic Diplomacy

    Economic theory, even in its liberal version, claims that in the case of positive externalities, the state should intervene. Such positive externality could mean that industry which has only temporal problems should be supported. […]

  • Saudi Arabia Diplomatic Activities and Pursuit of Soft Politics


    The approach taken by Saudi King Salman to Egypt has been aimed at creating unity between the two countries on the basis of economic issues, because it can be a powerful mechanism due to Egypt’s needs following its revolution, and the attention that Cairo is paying to improving the country’s economic situation following domestic conflicts. In line with this plan, King Salman tried in his recent trip to Egypt to put economic issues on top of the agenda of bilateral talks. […]

  • The Man who Walked 7500 km across India to Promote Harmony

    Soft Diplomacy

    "We walk together not as members or groups or parties or advocates of ideologies, but as humans. We walk to free society from fear and insecurity, thus igniting the formation of an inclusive and participative society where opportunity is given to all, where talent and effort are rewarded regardless of caste, religion, language, region, or gender" – Mr. M […]

  • What will Leapfrog India in the Twenty-First Century?


    “We can, in objective and dispassionate and holistic views, legitimately claim that India has come a long way since 1947. We should be proud of what we have achieved, though we can always argue that we could have done better, but we must not forget that we have miles and miles to go,” says Ambassador Surendra Kumar (Retd) […]

  • Modi and the World The Ring View Inside Out

    Book Synopsis

    At the turn of the 21st century, just a decade since economic liberalisation, India was at the threshold of a changing geopolitical environment. The complex 2000s witnessed economic acceleration of China and the ASEAN, West’s engagement with South East Asia, and the growing shadow of terrorism that has influenced political realities in the region and beyond. […]

  • Brazil: A New Dawn for Political Reforms?

    Global Centre Stage

    Eventually, the economic crisis will be dealt with. But its scars will remain for some time, especially because, five years ago, Brazil expected to become a global power and now Brazilians are living in a recession that will probably result in another 'lost decade'. […]

  • Brussels Attacks: Is it a Symbol of Civilisation Clash?

    Global Centre Stage

    "...international system of the twenty-first century will contain at least six major powers - the US, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, and probably India...and these belong to five very different civilisations... in addition there are important Islamic states whose strategic locations, large populations, and /or oil resources make them influential in the world politics" -Henry Kissinger in his book World Order. […]

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