• Russia's Syria Pullback Putin's Fine Art of Quitting

    Global Centre Stage

    The chief lesson the Russians learnt from the US failures in the Middle East was to consider a military victory as only a beginning of a negotiated political settlement, rather than an end in itself. This was emphasised by President Putin’s early assumption that a political process would have to follow a military campaign. […]

  • The Royal Tour of india

    Cover Story

    They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Queen Elizabeth smiling as she is pictured with the first Indian Vice President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and his entourage in the year 1961 – the first Royal visit after the Indian Independence, triggers memories to cherish. […]

  • Celebrating Shakespeare's 400 year Legacy

    Cover Story

    The year 2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of the world famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Several events, plays, seminars, etc are lined up for a global celebration of his life, work and legacy. […]

  • Prince Harry's State Tour of Nepal The Royal Speech

    Cover Story

    Posting candid pictures, eating with the locals, playing Holi festival, visiting World Heritage Sites of the Himalayan country and participating in a building project concluded the first official state tour of Nepal by HRH Prince Harry. […]

  • Brexit The One-way Ticket to Paradise?

    Cover Story

    The Out Campaign will make use of recent migrant and Euro currency crises to expose the weaknesses of the EU and highlight the strengths of a UK without EU ties. The In Campaign will outline the benefits for UK business through access to the single market without tariffs, trade agreements, free movement of goods and people, easy travel, among others. […]

  • Britain in Europe To Stay or not to Stay?

    Cover Story

    Britain is in a different identity trap than the Brexiteers imagine. Its political class has failed to decide if it wishes to be a social democracy such as Scandinavia or a pure free-enterprise system such as America. And hence, the balance is frequently struck incorrectly. It is convenient for nationalists, libertarians, and Brexiteers to blame these faults on the European Union. […]

  • US & Canada Friends Again After 20 years


    At the joint news conference at the White House, Obama recalled that Trudeau - like him even years before - had come to power on a message of hope and change. Both took office as young, good-looking and charismatic figures whose political skills were underestimated by the establishment because they lacked conventional political resumes. […]

  • Despite Challenges, India Firmly Stays the Course in Afghanistan


    Afghanistan's monumental gains in its polity, economy, and society would have been impossible without the continued support of the international community, and particularly the assistance of the country's trusted friends and strategic partners such as India, the United States, and NATO. Despite its own many domestic needs, India is Afghanistan's 6th largest donor, providing the country with some $2 billion in effective aid since 2001. […]

  • Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi A New Role


    Aung San Suu Kyi is barred from becoming the country's president by virtue of a clause written into the constitution, which excludes anyone with family members who hold foreign nationality. Both of Suu Kyi's adult sons are British citizens, as was her late husband. […]

  • BRICS and the GCC Deciphering Avenues for Engagements

    Economic Diplomacy

    The GCC countries deserve a larger role in the global governance architecture and in the multilateral trading system. BRICS, with a GDP of $15.81 trillion, has a trans-continental outreach and has emerged as the developing world's most significant voice. Thus, a confluence is evident between the GCC and BRICS. The BRICS mandate and the emerging policy and institutional frameworks therein can be a source of mutual benefit and cooperation among the emerging economies, including the GCC countries. […]

  • Russia and the European Union Beyond the Comfort Zone


    The interests of Russia and Europe coincide on issues of development. Not just economic development, but also social, cultural and humanitarian development. Today’s rapidly changing world presents new challenges to all countries and regions, and the threat of being pushed onto the sidelines of global development objectively brings Eastern and Western Europe closer together. […]

  • Ethiopian Airlines 'Best in Africa'


    Ethiopian Airlines has become one of Africa's leading carriers, turning profit for most years of its 70-year-old existence. After being in India for the last couple of decades, Delhi-based Sales and Traffic Manager, speaks to Diplomatist on one of Ethiopia's major industries and an institution in Africa. Excerpts... […]

  • Tanzania President John Magufuli The Hero of the Hour

    Africa Diary

    President John Magufuli, born in north-western Tanzania’s Chato district along the shores of Lake Victoria, became known as ‘The Bulldozer’ for driving a programme to build roads across the country. He has an eye for details and ensures that whatever assignment he takes it gets completed. He upholds traditional family values and loves singing at the church choir besides playing traditional drums. He had performed push-ups at rallies to refute allegations by the opposition that he was physically unfit for the top job. […]

  • The Everlasting Flame An Exhibition not to Miss

    Soft Diplomacy

    The Parsi Community in India has often been known and understood through their stereotypes depicted in Hindi films. But who are they? Where did they come from? And how did they become an integral part of India in the past several centuries? Find out in the Exhibition at National Museum titled The Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in History and Imagination […]

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