• Riyadh-Washington Relations From Classic Dependence to Asymmetrical Dependence

    Global Centre Stage

    Saudi Arabia's foreign policy strategies and procedures may change in proportion to its distance from the United States, but it does not necessarily mean that the degree of divergence in relations between the two countries would become unmanageable. The friendship between these two countries is, therefore, expected to continue at a level lower than the strategic level in the course of time and following temporary tensions. […]

  • Canada Fitting into India's 'Scheme of Things'

    Global Centre Stage

    Canada is committed to promoting trade that is environmentally sound and this will be a key feature of any agreement with India. The country is well-known for its advanced technological base in agriculture, food processing, education, science and technology, innovation, environment, and cleaner technologies. From 2007 to 2012, joint funding from Canada and India supported 8 high quality bilateral R&D projects in priority areas such as Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Information and Communications Technologies and Biotechnology. […]

  • Iran Elections Lessons and Opportunities

    Global Centre Stage

    The awareness of people in Tehran about the true nature of issues that were raised through media rivalries and their understanding of the difference between such propaganda and realities of election campaigns finally caused the majority of Tehran’s people to vote for a list, which had been naively accused by its rivals of being affiliated to Britain. This shows that the people of Tehran are too smart to be deceived by media ballyhoo, whether it is cooked up in London or in Tehran. […]

  • Mexico A Partner India can 'Bank' Upon

    Cover Story

    When it comes to various global issues such as climate change, global economic architecture, nuclear disarmament and trade, India and Mexico have often championed each other's stand. In fact, they have closely cooperated on several international fora such as the WTO, UN and the G8 Outreach Dialogue […]

  • Land-linked Nepal to Help in Sub-regional Connectivity

    Cover Story

    The recent visit of Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli came at a time after the Madhesi agitation cooled down and blockade was lifted. Oli knows for sure that good neighbourly relation with India is crucial for Nepal’s development. Keeping up the tradition, he chose to begin his foreign trip by first visiting India after assuming office. He chose to celebrate both his 65th birthday and marriage anniversary in India, being accompanied by his wife Radhika Shakya. […]

  • India – UAE Relations The Beginning of a New Era?

    Cover Story

    The real question in India-UAE relations is, however, how the recent changes in the diplomatic architecture between these two countries will manifest themselves in reality. Will the recently agreed comprehensive, strategic partnership lead to another quantum leap to achieve the aspired 60 percent trade increase by 2020? A closer look at both countries’ economic diplomacy might give us some clues for the answers. […]

  • Obama's US Mosque Visit Too Little, Too Late?


    A victim of Islamophobia himself, Obama manoeuvred around US mosques for 7 years to dispel the myth that he wasn’t a covert Muslim. Yet, while the decision to avoid US mosques was a calculated strategy to deflect the Islamophobia directed his way, his long-anticipated visit witnessed Obama pivot to the other side of that dynamic: seeking to advance counter terror policies targeting ‘homegrown Muslim radicalisation […]

  • Blueprint for Eco-Revival of the Planet


    He's back again this month. Maj. Gen. Vinod Saighal* is here with another of his insightful visions of a planet saved from environmental destruction. […]

  • 2016 Key to India’s Emergence as a Global Economic Player

    Economic Diplomacy

    The issue of non-performing assets in public sector banks has largely remained unresolved. No lucid implementation strategy has been put in place for recruiting better managers for public sector undertakings. Little progress can be seen on energy reforms and the ‘modest disinvestment target’ of $11 billion has now been postponed. Worse is the performance of the health and education sector, where budgeted central funding has been cut and hardly any meaningful reforms are on the way. […]

  • 'Trumpalism' is here to Stay

    Economic Diplomacy

    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have effectively brought the question of Wall Street funding of presidential candidates to centrestage. Much to the discomfiture of several presidential contenders, earlier considered heavyweights (such as Jeb Bush), and to the delight of the average American who has seen the rich getting exceedingly rich, while the large majority of them remain poor with stagnant family incomes since the 2008 meltdown […]

  • 'Africa and India Need Each Other'

    Africa Diary

    Africa views both India and China as major and high priority Diplomatic and Socio-Economic Partners. Africa cooperates with several partners globally and the 'models' of engagement differ from partner to partner […]

  • Oh! What a Feeling

    Soft Diplomacy

    Come February, every year, for me a visit to the world’s famous Mughal Gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan is more than a ritual to walk down the memory lane. The nature in harmony with the birds, full bloom flowers in the bed is virtually a feast to the eyes. Walk down a little further, the creepers, dangling roses, tulips in different colours are visual delight. The bountiful nature is at its best. A visit to the Spiritual Garden, Herbal Garden, Bonsai Garden and Musical Garden make you utter at once Wow! […]

  • Soul of Fire – She Fought for Peace

    Soft Diplomacy

    The theatre piece ‘Soul of fire - she fought for peace’ by Austrian actress Maxi Blaha participated in the National School of Drama’s 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav Festival from February 1-21, 2016. […]

  • Raisina Dialogue - From New Delhi to the World

    Soft Diplomacy

    The Raisina Dialogue, attended by speakers from 40 countries, is being seen as the government’s attempt to rival conferences around the world that attract global players such as the Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore, and the Munich Conference on national security. […]

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