• Iran - Scripting a New Era

    Global Centre Stage

    The Islamic Republic of Iran appears to have crossed a major threshold with the conclusion of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed in July 2015. Considered a major source of instability in its neighbourhood by the international community, and suffering from crippling international sanctions on account of its nuclear programme for more than half a decade (over and above a severe sanctions regime maintained by the United States for more than three decades), Tehran has begun its long awaited rehabilitation in the international community, and in particular its return to the global economic order. […]

  • Revocation of Anti-Iranian Sanctions - Who Benefits and who Loses

    Global Centre Stage

    The lifting of sanctions against Iran has generated an entire wave of speculation about the upcoming reformation of the Middle East. However, what has happened should also not be overestimated. Not all the sanctions against Iran have been lifted – only those that concern its nuclear program and have a real economic impact on the country. Politically, there has been no progress in US-Iranian relations and the standoff between the two countries. This means that in the foreseeable future, there will be no large-scale reformation of the Middle East with new coalitions, rivalries or zones with military operations. […]

  • Taiwan's President-elect Tsai's victory speech

    Cover Story

    In her victory speech, President-elect Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan) of the Democratic Progressive Party vowed to maintain peace and stability with China, end Taiwan's political polarization, and carry out reforms to build a more transparent and accountable government and one that is steadfast in protecting Taiwan's sovereignty. […]

  • Taiwan-India Relations Move Forward...

    Cover Story

    Taiwan's President-elect Tsai Ing-wen has broken the gender barrier to win the highest office in the land – she is the first woman without political lineage in Asia to head a government. H.E. Amb. Chung Kwang Tien talks to Diplomatist Editor-at-Large Alankar Srivastava, and shares his perspective on what is rightly referred to as the historic moment for Taiwan. Excerpts... […]

  • 5th India Heritage Tourism Conclave

    Cover Story

    India is colourful and vibrant, a land as diverse as its people, a mosaic of faiths, cultures, customs and languages that blend harmoniously to form a composite whole. One of the world’s oldest living civilisations - which gave to the world - the concept of zero, the primordial sound Aum... Yoga, and Buddhism. […]

  • Incredible India – Some Distance to Cover

    Heritage Tourism

    Tourism has proved to be a boon in the development of human resources, employment generation and alleviation of poverty. According to the Government of India, tourism contributes 6.8 percent to the national GDP and 8.78 percent of the total employment in India. Almost 20 million people are now working in India’s tourism industry. While the tourism sector in India has done well in the recent years, it’s still just the tip of an iceberg given the huge potential. A lot still needs to be done for the tourism sector to achieve its full potential as well as help the world discover and enjoy 'Incredible India'. […]

  • Paris Climate Agreement: Not Ambitious or Equitable


    There is a growing inequality in the world. No amount of growth and economic prosperity is enough anymore, because aspiration is the new God. This means anybody who is poor is marginalised simply because they have just not made the grade. There is no longer space for such ‘failure’ in our brave, newer, world. It is about the survival of the fittest, in a way that would have made Darwin insane. […]

  • Combating Climate Change Russia Stands with the World


    The world's climate and weather patterns are changing. Global temperatures are rising, causing more extreme weather events, such as flooding and heat waves. Climate change is one of the gravest challenges humanity faces today. The potential threat of these global processes remains a tangible one. […]

  • Environmental Policing of the Global Commons


    ‘How many years can a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea? ... How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?’ The words of Bob Dylan’s song Blowin’ in the Wind hold more truth today than when they were originally released. The same applies to the previously-scribed words of Maj Gen Vinod Saighal* featured herein. […]

  • International Financial Institutions & the Global Economy

    Economic Diplomacy

    The last few months in Europe have put economic historians, economists and political economists back in business especially those fascinated in studying financial crises. The focus now seems to be on gauging the politico-economic crisis unfolding post an intense round of periodic negotiations between a debt-ridden Greece and its creditors (including Germany). The deal finally made now may even lead to worsening of the economic situation in times ahead for Greece. The entire process of how Greece has been made to accept some tough reform proposals and conditions for a bailout fund has been a painful watch especially because of the role played by Germany in managing these with other members of the European Union and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB). […]

  • Make in India – An Initiative for Economic Development of the Country

    Economic Diplomacy

    Make in India is a program of the Government of India to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 25, 2014. At an elementary level, Make in India is an effort to alter the production structure of the economy. The major objective behind the initiative is to focus on 25 sectors of the economy for job creation and skill enhancement. Some of these sectors are automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviations, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railways, auto components, design manufacturing, energy, mining, bio-technology, and electronics. It is expected that this developmental initiative will increase GDP growth and tax revenue of the country. The initiative also aims at high quality standards and minimising the degradation of environment. […]

  • Partnering for Economic Development in South Asia

    Economic Diplomacy

    President Ashraf Ghani emphasised during the last SAARC Summit in Nepal, inviting the whole region to opt for cooperation instead of confrontation that has cost every country in the region, particularly Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. The government and people of Afghanistan hope that 2016 will witness concrete steps, backed by firm political will, to be taken by all South Asian states for working together to ensure sustainable economic development in the whole region. […]

  • India – An Active Partner in Africa’s Development

    Africa Diary

    India tries to promote its image as a development partner of Africa. Unlike previous colonial experiences that have created the image of foreign engagements in Africa as the ‘scramble for Africa’, India’s development assistance to the continent is seen in the light of South-South Cooperation. […]

  • Surajkund Mela A Celebration of India's Cultural Heritage

    Soft Diplomacy

    Surajkund International Crafts Mela is a splash of colours, rhythm of drum beats and joy de-vivre merge at Surajkund in Faridabad, Haryana during the first fortnight of February. The curtains go up on the acclaimed annual Surajkund International Crafts Mela from February 1 onwards, which is a celebration of Indian folk traditions and cultural heritage. […]

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