Diplomatic Nite 2016 Publication

The beginning of diplomacy can be traced back over 2500 years when the concept of diplomatic immunity was fi rst mentioned in ancient Indian epics. Early 'diplomats' were tasked with exchanging messages but their role became signifi cantly more important in the Middle Ages when they were given the competency to negotiate binding agreements; and then the plenipotentiary diplomat was born. Diplomacy, like state sovereignty and mutual recognition, is a cornerstone of the modern state system. Part of the high politics toolbox, diplomacy can be a means of furthering a state’s foreign policy agenda but it can also serve much nobler causes such as resolving confl icts and negotiating peace agreements.

Diplomatic Nite 2014 Publication

In an increasingly connected and globalised world, economic diplomacy is gaining currency like never before. Today, globalisation offers both opportunities and challenges for nations. Diplomacy is 'the activity of a state to maintain sovereignty by peaceful means, generally referring to the external activities of heads of state and government, foreign ministers and diplomatic institutions on behalf of their respective nations.' However, in an era of globalisation, economic interests have become an integral part of diplomatic activities.

Diplomatic Nite 2015 Publication

The Diplomatist Annual Edition entitled 'Indian Heritage' is a celebration of India. Time magazine once described India as a kaleidoscope of contrasts. India is complex and colourful, and offers a multiple of evolving patterns within one framework.

The diversity of India is amply reflected in the climatic conditions, religions, customs, attitudes, languages, arts, music, theatre, etc. Mercedes and BMWs jostling for road space with ox carts, and motorcycles are a common sight in this rich and vibrant country. Thanks to the intrinsic values of India that manifest in a myriad of forms, the world is left mesmerised.

Diplomatic Nite 2013 Publication

It is no secret that India, an elephantine state, has ambled through time as a nascent country building road and bridges as she has walked.She has walked though jubilation and triumph and through failures begotten being an infant of new-found freedom in 1947. In these six decades and beyond, India is a power to reckon with.

To celebrate this journey of India, Extraordinary and plenipotentiary Diplomatist is humbled to publish a comprehensive chronicle of India's diplomatic endeavours for its Annual Edition of 2013.